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CNN en Español is a Latin American news channel owned by Warner Media and directed to citizens of the Latin American, Caribbean, and Hispanic populations in the United States. It is the Spanish version of CNN and started broadcasting on 17 March 1997. It sends news 24 hours a day in Spanish for Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States with studies in Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, Florida. The channel has three separate signals on the continent, one for Mexico, one for the United States, and one for the rest of Latin America.

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The station also has its production centers and reporters in Mexico City and Buenos Aires and its staff for news collection in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Caracas, Hong Kong, London, and Jerusalem. CNN members in Turkey, UK, and Chile, together with its journalistic team broadcasting to the rest of Latin America and the correspondents in other languages such as Portuguese, English. And Turkish.

CNN has its radio signal called CNN, on its Spanish radio. Due to the broadcast in Latin America, in addition to the US, narrators, and news reporters use the so-called neutral Spanish, which is very similar to movies synchronized in Spanish.

In 2001, CNN opened its first studio in Latin America with fully integrated television and internet services in Mexico City. Earlier, in March 1999, it launched a special edition for Mexico that included infographic print headlines, financial and stock data, sports scores, local time, and special weather information. In 2003, CNN enEspañol received the “Best TV News Channel of the Year” INTE Award.


A large advertising campaign was launched in 2007 to commemorate the first ten years of the channel, including a temporary change to the logo and the publication of ads and advertisements containing important events on the channel. This includes the creation of a website to commemorate this event and the introduction of a collection book. In 2010, CNN enEspañol launched the CNN Mexico website together with Grupo Expansión de México.

On 22 November 2010, the station was “developed” with the slogan “a new logo” and “Live news.” It included eight servers and launched ten new programs in Miami as well as new correspondents in the United States. Since 2011, the station is no longer in Cuba’s cable television service.

On January 28, 2013, CNN Latino launched a new programming block in Spanish for the Hispanic market in the United States. This was announced on December 3, 2012, by Cynthia Hudson Channel Deputy Director-General. CNN Latino is a new expansion brand for the Spanish market in the United States, covering news, lifestyles, documentaries, interviews, and discussions as an alternative to traditional Spanish channels. It began broadcasting in Los Angeles between 3 and 11 am (Pacific Time) and spread to other US cities. Some of the programs can be viewed in Spanish on the CNN website. CNN Latino was closed in 2014.

In December 2017, the publisher also announced a new program produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and added journalists Marcelo Longobardi, Jonatan Viale, and Jessica Bossi to its team.


Aristegui is a television program including political analysis, interviewing characters from the Mexican, Latin, artistic, political, and social life. It is hosted by Carmen Aristegui and delivered through the chain’s production center in Mexico City via Signal 1 of the CNN Español network. In 2005, it began to spread.

In this program, several controversial issues are discussed such as the alleged corruption of the priest Marcial Maciel and Onésimo Cepeda Silva, as well as the so-called Televisa law were analyzed.

Directo USA

Directo USA is a news program of the CNN en Español network offered by Juan Carlos López. It focuses on the transmission of news from the United States to the Spanish-speaking people in the USA and Latin America. The program is broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 18:00 (Eastern time). Directo USA regularly provides sections on issues such as social networking, migration, success, census, and Latin identity in the United States.

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CNN enEspañol Radio was founded in 1993 and offered its members the news in Latin America and the USA and the news in Spanish and the hourly news reports called Ahora. Currently, CNN en Español’s audio content is distributed to dozens of members in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, supporting global resources, including CNN journalists, and more than 1,100 radio and television partners. Listeners from all over the world can listen to live broadcast radio all day here. The live broadcast section of CNN News Talk is in Venezuela or the USA. CNN News Talk is a brand-new expansion brand that covers news, lifestyles, documentaries, interviews, and discussions that are presented as talk shows, news, and audio interviews.

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