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CNN live radio has specialized in world news, business, and style and travel information. The main focus of the broadcasts is based on live news that has not been filtered. Under cable news network, the station started worldwide airing in 2014 under cumulus media. In the same year, it switched partnership from ABC to CNN. The move was justified by the need to specialize in the broadcast information as well as the need to improve focus on travel and world news. At the time, the main broadcasting channels and programs included; CNN Airport, CNN Japanese, and CNN international. It has specific attributes that guided to form the major broadcasts. Specifically, it has sports, music, travel, and fashion shows.


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Developments and Major Presenters:

The significant presenters have played a significant role in the development of the station. Christine Romans and Dave Briggs are famous for their morning broadcast that discuss issues such as travel and contemporary society regarding fashion and design. Further, the New Day program is aired by Alisyn Camerota and John Berman discussing the crucial elements of the world news and the contemporary world. John King airs the main political programs.



The audience for CNN live radio news can be categorized into three groups; the political fanatics, the fashion audience, and development followers. The political audience includes all sides of political affiliations. The second group of followers to the station are fashion lovers. The fashion shows have demonstrated a huge command attributed to increased participation. In the same understanding, several followers improved reviews for the fashion programs in 2016. The development followers instigated the interests on development issues and accountability. The political discussions have penetrated to the development agenda over the years.

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