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The CNN live radio has specialized in world news, business, and style and travel information. The main focus of the broadcasts is based on live news that has not been filtered. Under cable news network, the station started worldwide airing in 2014 under cumulus media. In the same year, it switched partnership from ABC to CNN. The move was justified by the need to specialize the broadcast information as well as the need to improve focus on travel and world news. At the time, the main broadcasting channels and programs included; CNN Airport, CNN Japanese and CNN international. Some channels were maintained from the period before the 2010 reforms such as CNN sports illustrated and CNN Pipeline. The radio station has specific attributes that guided to form the major broadcasts. Specifically, it has sports, music, travel and fashion shows.

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The major reforms characterized by the 2010 changes were the most historic in the station. It underwent several experiments towards the formation of different developments. The market expansion was partially attributed to the closure of subsidiary channels such as the CNNfn. Among the first historical broadcasts included include the world finance channel, the partnership with the money magazine as well as the fashion broadcasts. The station has grown from restricted transmission to the current state of unrestricted broadcasts. History has not been without controversies. Firstly, Republican candidates cried foul of the political broadcasts in the radio during different electioneering periods. In 2015, the radio station started international broadcasts with the partnership with Westwood channels and increased channels access. The transformation was also characterized by a competitive advantage with the inclusion of digital content in the broadcasts.

Developments and major presenters

The major developments in the radio station are described by the expansions of programs presented from weekly to daily basis. The expansion of the programs consisted of a specific approach through which the society recognized the contribution the broadcasts had. Additionally, the developments in the station are attributed to prime time hours of broadcasts. Increased offers to advertisements demonstrated the rise and developments in the public trust and following. Additionally, the significant presenters have played a significant role in the development of the station. Christine Romans and Dave Briggs are popularly known for their morning broadcast that discuss issues such as travel and contemporary society regarding fashion and design. Further, the New Day program is aired by Alisyn Camerota and John Berman discussing the crucial elements on world news and the contemporary world.


Major programs in the station are described as the primary marketing strategies as well as the factors for popularity. The early morning program hosted by Christine Romans and Dave Briggs presents the day start entertainment and informative sessions to the audience. The program is followed by the New Day presentation by Alisyn and John focusing on world trends and related news. Further, the news hosts are costarred with the main presenters being Kate Bolduan. John King airs the main political programs. Research demonstrates that the specificity of the programs presented has attributed to the increased following to the radio station. The following is demonstrated by the increases in the online responses and calls that the listeners give during exciting programs. An integration of political, world news and fashion broadcasts have been the main competitive advantage to the broadcast programs aired by the station.

Major achievements

Among the significant achievements are the expansion in the broadcast channels. Beyond 2010, the radio broadcasts had not been approved internationally. Having an international range and competitive market is considered crucial in the industry. The other significant achievement was noted in 2014 when the online reviews for the programs and major presenters significantly increased. The increases in reviews were considered significant as a clear demonstration that the growth of departments in the station. Clearance with the public relations was also considered significant progress in 2015 where the controversies were solved. Most of the controversies alleged that the station was biased regarding political discussions and choices of hosts. Such an allegation would have a significant negative impact on a station. As a result, its resolution was depicted as significant achievement both to growth and development of channels.

Popular shows

The most popular shows are aired at midday, afternoon and late night. The popularity is measured by the ability of the presenters to command a following. In the same understanding, the presenters in the popular show demonstrate their mastery through the increases in the number of online reviews of the programs. Firstly, the famous lead show hosted by Jake Tapper is considered most popular in the discussion of contentious issues in the society. Secondly, the situation room is a popular show hosted by Wolf Blitzer. The show focuses on the trending and problems rising in the community from all aspects such as fashion, politics, world news, and development. The expanded grip attributes to its large following. Other popular shows include late-night music and news updates. Incorporation of the popular shows describe the progress and popularity of the radio broadcasts.


The audience for CNN live radio news can be categorized into three groups; the political fanatics, the fashion audience, and development followers. Due to the political shows in the station, it has gained a significant collection of reviews have been observed depicting the presence of an interested audience. Additionally, the political audience includes all sides of political affiliations. The second group of followers to the station are fashion interested persons. The fashion shows have demonstrated a huge command attributed to the increased participation. In the same understanding, several followers improved reviews for the fashion programs in 2016. The development followers instigated the interests on development issues and accountability. The political discussions have penetrated to the development agenda over the years. Development audience has also been motivated by the divergence of opinions offered by different callers in different topics.