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Ram Air AM is a radio outlet operated by volunteer students at the University of Bradford, England. It airs regionally on frequency 1350AM and also through on-air on its web address. The call letters of Ram Air originate from the student union committee from the past. It has been in service for almost 36 years, and it is an ancient radio outlet operated by students and volunteers in the United Kingdom. FM is celebrating its anniversary with 48 hours show in February 2021. It would present games and comedy-themed activities.

History of Ram Air AM

Ram Air was established in 1980, and it has its work offices located inside of the university student building. The student volunteers work multi ways like casting the programs, technical things, transmitting equipment. In the past, it used to carry the broadcast through an audio induction loop in the University’s hall and auditoriums. In addition, FM used to broadcast through a low-frequency radio transmitter named Doris at that time.

Currently Live Stream of this Station is not Available

Ram Air AM

Technical Detail

Ram Air became the first radio outlet to carry out its operations through Wii, which was a wireless connectivity system at that time. Also, it was available on the default browser of PlayStation 3 in 2007. After some time, when introduced analog technology was, it started airing on frequency 98FM in the area of Bradford without any audience fees or charges. It also operates some time through frequency 102FM via transmitter fixed on top of the university library building. In addition, it airs on frequency 1350AM for consistent 1-watt power delivery.


The general programming includes rock music, traditional pop, and rock music.

The Lockdown
BBC 6 Music breakfast show
Sunday Brunch
The mix of ’80s
2000’s and the occasional 70’s songs
Live Music for The Mood
The late-night rock shows
Uncommercial New Music
The main DJs of Ram Air are Daniel and Alina, Doug Shulz, Natalia, Scott Richmond, and Jack Redfern.

Contact Details

Address: University of Bradford, Bradford, BD7 1DP
Phone:+44 1274 233267
Email: ramair@ubu.bradford.ac.uk
Official Website: https://www.ramair.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradfordunisu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uniofbradford/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradfordunisu/

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