American Road Radio


American Road Radio has well-liked, thrilling transmission, which is being broadcasted from the states of Los Angles, California. It provides Blues, Rocks, and country music. Not only in America, but it is a source of entertainment for many other countries like Germany, Greece, France, Poland, etc. Its is a web radio which entertain its listeners.

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This radio station gained popularity because of its focus on Blues, Country and Rock music. They are also famous for latest updates and talk shows black.

American Road Radio

Famous Programs of American Road Radio:

Their famous program is Best Taverns on Route 66. In this program which the DJs play rock songs and talk about the experiences of the best places visited by them and other people. Another great program is Top Albums from the US, where they play the songs of the top bands and artists.
This radio love to plays songs of golden era bands like Jack Benny Program, Fibber McGee and Molly, the Gold Bergs, and the Lone Rangers, and many more.


KROQ FM is the biggest competitor, its frequency is 106.7 FM. It is also famous for rock music. They are well-known from ARR as they have the renowned program HD Radio Sound Space. 106.7 FM promote every type of band to show up their talent. They are also famous for keeping us update of upcoming events.

Play List:

Dancing with the moonlight by Scorpions.
Voices by Southern Star.
Homesick by general Lee band.
Born to run by A.M.P.
ROUTE 66 by Depeche Mode. Road to Grammies by Eric Britain.
Road to America by Steve Calafate.
Never Fade is sung by Alice in Chains.

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