WLFM-LP La Mega 87.7


WLFM-LP La Mega 87.7 is a low power television station in the city Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It features music, podcasts, the latest news, talks, and sports. The channel also broadcasts live sports coverage. The name of its brand is “La Mega 87.7”. It is VHF analog channel 6 that plays only audio transmission. The previous channel numbers are 47 (UHF, 1989-1998) and 65 (UHF, 1998-2012).

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Slogan and Owner:

The station broadcasts its transmission at 87.75 MHz frequency on the FM band. The slogan of the station is “Latino and Proud.” The channel airs Spanish-language format under the La Mega brand. The transmitter of the station uses 3 kW power to run its programming. The studios of FM are located at the Cleveland Agora. People of the broadcasting area like to listen to online streaming that is its main feature.

WLFM-LP La Mega 87.7

Murray Hill Broadcasting, LLC owns this station. It went in the air first time on November 30, 1989. TSJ Media works as an operator of the channel. The channel plays Latin music. The previous call letters used for this station are W47BE (1989-1998), W65DL (1998-2000), WXOX-LP (2000-2012). It serves both Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. Previously it has an affiliation for HSN from 2002 to 2009.

History of WLFM-LP La Mega 87.7:

It used channel 65, in 1998. It was then when the present station moved from channel 47. After this, the call letters were changed from W47BE to W65DL. In 2000, these letters were changed into WXOX. It wanted to move to channel 44 for increasing its power to 120 kW. But FCC rejected it. In May 2011, as an owner, Venture Technologies Inc. field a new FCC request to move the station to channel 6. It was said that WLFM-LP would soon enter into a local marketing agreement (LMA). Therefore it was branded as La Mega 87.7. From its launch until January 1, 2014, the station branded as 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound. At the beginning of 2018, La Mega 87.7 started to serve as the Spanish Language radio for the Cleveland Browns.

On-Air Staff:

WLFM-LP local on-air staff included Archie Berwick, Kim Monroe, Rachel Steele, Lyd the Kidd (Lydia Puccini), Bull (Sean Robertson), Dan Stansbury, Rocco the Rock Dog (Ric Bennett), and Chad Zumock.

Major Shows:

Inner Sanctum pulled the plug directed by Ryan Benes, and Rafael Hernandez Brito serves the team’s Spanish language play-by-play announcer.

Contact Details:

Physical Address:
Contact using Phone number: +1 216-391-4099
Like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LaMega877/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lamega877
For finding online streaming, Radio’s Official Website: lamega877.com