93.7 Praise FM


93.7 Praise FM is a radio station of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Praise FM is operating with a frequency of 93.3 MHz on the radio button. The effective radiation power of its horizontal signal is 2.3-kilowatts. The owner of this channel is “Vista Broadcasting Group.”
For the first time, this station broadcasted in 2003. It broadcasts in a Christian music format. It provides its listeners with family-friendly content. Listeners enjoy a variety of music as Soul, Funk, Jazz, Electronic, Blues, and World music. Its call sign means “Christ Jesus Love Thee.” Now it is branding as “93.7 Praise FM”. It uses the slogan “Uplifting Radio.” 93.7 Praise FM is classified as a Class B station, in the list of Canadian radio stations.

History of 93.7 Praise FM:

In 2003 it started broadcasting on 99.5 FM as LPFM. In 2007 CRTC approved that this station can operate at 93.7 FM. Ita ERP also increased to 2300 Watts in 2007. In 2011 CRTC again received an application for changing CJLT-FM’s frequency to 103.3 MHz. In 2003 its sufficient radiation power was 48 watts. This channel also requested to increase its adequate radiation power to 58 KiloWatts. Lighthouse Broadcasting Ltd. was the owner of this radio station till 2012. In October 2012, Vista Broadcast Group owned this channel.

93.7 Praise FM


Jeff Michaels & Warren Affleck broadcast on Mornings. Beth Warden, Today’s Family middays, and Warren Osmond on Afternoon drive are some other broadcasting shows on CJLT-FM.


Scott Raible, Jeff Michaels, Beth Warden, Warren Osmond, and Warren Affleck are some of the DJ’s working for this radio station.

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Address: 206, 1741 Dunmore Rd. SE, Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 1Z8
Call us at: +1 403 529 9599
Contest Line: +1 403 529 9565
Fax: +1 403 488 5050
E-Mail Address: studio@937praisefm.com
Official Website: http://937praisefm.com/
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