NBG Radio


NBG is an abbreviation of “Nothing but God,” as the name of this radio indicates that this is a religious channel. It is a Christian FM station in Barbados. The majority of the population in Barbados are Christian; approximately 95% of people are Christian. They aim to spread the message of God to the followers of Christianity. The purpose of NBG is to provide broadcasting based on Christianity education. Their programming promotes faith and believes in God.

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Program Format:

NBG productions have a TV and radio channel which serves to spread the message of Jesus. The format of programming is based on religion talk, educational shows, talk shows, and Gospel. In Christianity, the Gospel means “good news,” which refers to the story of Jesus. Gospel music is also the format of this FM. It also provides online streaming on the internet so that people can access it easily. They have many scholars of Christianity who supervise their programs. It is a famous religious channel in Barbados.

NBG Radio

The slogan of NBG Radio:

Its slogan is “From our lips to God’s ear.” It is an idiom that is used to show that whatever they are saying will come true. This slogan shows that the broadcasting of NBG is based on the message of God and the Gospel.


The goal and mission of this channel are to spread the message of God and the truth to the followers of their religion. They also aim to operate with honesty and to have an impact on culture. Empowerment of their nation through providing knowledge is also included in their goal.
Language of programming: English is the language of its programming.
Genre: religious talk/gospel.

Programs at Radio NBG FM 104.7:

The programs on this FM channel are based on the messages of Jesus Christ. They aim to spread hope through their programs and music. Programming of this radio is based on the truth and the Gospel of Jesus. The following are some famous programs on this radio channel.

Morning Ignition:

This program is a weekend morning show, and Gail Welch is the host of this Saturday morning program. The timings of this show are from 9 AM to 12 PM.
My favorite radio show: Carolyn Maynard is the host of this program. This show is broadcast on three days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Timings of this program are 5 PM to 7 PM on Tuesday and Thursday; on Sunday, timing is 1 PM to 3 PM.
In The Mix Radio Show: The host of this show is Ken Pile. It is broadcasted on Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM.
The Voice Radio Show: Stefan Walker is the host of this show. It on-air on Saturday from 12 PM to 3 PM.

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Contact Details:

Location: Roebuck Street Bridgetown, Barbados
Contact number: + 1 246 537 6488
Twitter: http://twitter.com/nbglive
Facebook: http://facebook.com/nbgradiolive/
Email: info@nbglive.com
Official Website: http://www.nbglive.com/