The One 98.1 FM


The One 98.1 FM is a famous and favorite radio channel for the youngsters of Barbados. They promote young and passionate people who have made a record in their fields. On this radio channel, they appreciate those people like athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and people from other fields who have done different and brilliant work. The purpose is to inspire their young audience to work for their goals.

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Target Listeners:

This channel is a source of entertainment as well as a source of knowledge. It provides the best quality music according to the taste of young people and also keeps the choice of mature and elderly people into consideration — people between the age of 15 to 25 love to listen to this channel. There is a whole determined and passionate team at their radio station, which aims to provide the best broadcast service. This radio station is owned by CBC (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation) Barbados. In their format of programming, the main focus is on Caribbean flavor music. This radio is also available on the internet so that one can listen to this radio online and can enjoy online streaming. It attracts the listeners by the programs which are full of energy, entertainment, fun, and music.

The One 98.1 FM

History of The One 98.1 FM:

It was first established in 1984, and its name was “Liberty FM.” On this radio, popular songs were played. It provides coverage of a small area. On 12 February 2005, this radio channel was reintroduced as The One FM 98.1 in Barbados. This channel provides music according to the flavor of young listeners, and this is a famous music channel in Barbados.


The goal of this radio channel is to make sure that they are providing the best quality music, authentic news, and a source of entertainment to their listeners.


Programming of The One 98.1 FM is based on different topics.
1) Overnight Log: This program is a midnight show which is on-air from 12 am to 5 am every day of the week.
2) The journey: Dave smooth is the host of this show. It is broadcasted from Monday to Friday from 5 am to 9 am.
3) 981 Express: This program is on-air every day of the week. It is a special show at The One FM, which is full of laughter and music.
4) The Fun Factory Show: this program is broadcasted from Monday to Friday. It is full of energy and fun. DJ Timeless is the host of this show. The timings of this program are from 5 pm to 9 pm.
5) Rest Weekend: This show is a special weekend show which is on-air on Sunday. AO. N Skillz is the host of this program.

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Contact Details:

Address: The Pine Wildey St. Michael Bridgetown, Barbados
Contact Number: + 1 246 467 5444
Email address:
Official Website: