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Just like any other FM radio channel, Mukil FM India started from a low-leveled infrastructure in 2010 broadcasting from Tamilnadu. It is the most listened to Tamil radio channel that includes various talk shows, music, news and other information related to celebrities, sports, media, and others. Among 150 Tamil radio channels, Mukil FM is ranked on the 1st position and the 3rd position among all the 75000 radio channels across the world in various languages.

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India’s Voice over Mukil FM Radio

Listening to radios have always been the favorite past time by many people. Either it’s the older generation or the new generation listening to radio has never gone out of style. However, some dynamic of it has changed, like first a tape recorder or any other device was needed to listen to the radio now we have internet which has made the world a global village now you can listen to the radio with just a few clicks with your fingers.

Radios are a source of spreading information about the ethics, culture, and lifestyle of any particular area. India has one of the largest media industries in the world and more than 30 radios channel except the local ones play a huge part in promoting their culture and media.

Although there is a lot to talk about the radio industry that is growing every single day, in this particular article we will discuss a unique online radio channel that is Mukil FM India.

The main purpose of establishing Mukil FM channel was to connect and spread love and music among all the Tamils who are living in more than 150 countries above all the form of culture, religion, race, ethics, and lifestyle. Initially, it was started to entertain the local people with their favorite Tamil songs and news related to that particular area. However, after gaining huge success from across the city, they decided to launch their channel on the national level and got the fame they deserved. Now, they are operational in more than 150 cities in India.

Mukil FM Tamil Radio


World’s first and No. 1 online Tamil radio!


Well as far as I am concerned the best part about listening to radio channels are “podcasts.” They make you feel surrounded with people, and if you have to drive for a longer period you turn on the radio, and you get to hear some people discussing something either on a specific interesting topic or just laughing randomly. This kind of talk time is known to be “podcasts.” Some people find these podcasts irritating as it disturbs their nice and favorite songs. However, for me, it is very interesting, and most of the time you gather a lot of information to or laugh on the silly jokes the RJ’s share.

Sometimes they even have a session of question and answer that might be of any nature like some riddles, general knowledge question or any celebrity related question, all the listeners call them and guess their answers. Some of them are right while some of them are wrong, or someone will call the RJ’s just to get a birthday wish from them.

Same is the case with Mukil FM radio; there are many podcasts related shows that are on aired almost every single day. There are many Bollywood, Kollywood and Tamil related coverage that on airs songs, news and other important information.

Other coverage consists of political news, societal news, religious information, and activities ongoing across the area.

Famous Shows

More than nine shows are on aired on Mukil FM online channel. Each show is dedicated to a specific group like there are some shows for children, some for the older generation; some shows are related to news and general information while some are based on love and romance. Some of the famous shows of Mukil FM are;

  • Pesumnoolagam
  • Top rated current songs
  • Ippadikuidhayam
  • Akilam 360
  • Back to back
  • Cine pattarai
  • Palsuvaithoranam
  • Oorasuthioorapatthi
  • Lollu café

Videos by Mukil FM

Mukil FM India has its section of broadcasting various videos. Now it is just not another video area where a lot of unnecessary and boring videos are streaming. You can see whatever you feel like. You can browse to see an amazing award show, your missed favorite show, general videos, funny videos, political, religious or general information videos are also there. Moreover, if you are getting bored and want to watch the funny video, then their video tab has it all.

Umachi FM (connected channel)

Mukil FM takes care of its religious listeners too. To provide religious-related news, activities, and guidance, they have collaborated with Umachi Fm. This channel can be directly listened to download from the Mukil mobile app as per your ease. So, all the religious people don’t worry, Mukil Fm has got you covered. Without a doubt, Mukil Fm is considered to be the first and top-ranked radio channel online.

There is a separate news tab for the people who are news addicts in the Mukil FM website as well as on the mobile app. It contains all the local, regional, national and international news broadcasting in the Tamil language. They also have a separate section for providing news and information related to fashion, celebrities, new movies coming up, and what is trending and what is going down.

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