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Fox News Radio started broadcasting only as a syndicate for the Westwood One in 2003. Developments from the syndicate were based on the creation of a broader platform for broadcast by increasing the number of employees. Specifically, the increase in the number of employees resulted in stabilization in 2005. Currently, the station conducts broadcasts and commentaries on a daily basis.

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The news and reviews are based on different topics and focused on distinctive social groups. The sessions include proportional programs and newscasts. The current outreach programs include hosting major personalities as a strategic approach through which the station reaches out to the target audience.

Programs of Fox News Radio:

Brian Kilmeade is an early morning program specializing in fiction entertainment. The fiction approaches include family dramas and educational literature. The Todd Starnes show is a midday program that focuses on live news and open forums for discussion. The public discussion forums are directed toward the facilitation of different aspects such as social cultural and political issues. The discussions create a critical session in the radio programs as it facilitates the creation of political and social ideas. The Tom Shillue show is a comedy depiction and presentation program. The Benson and Harf show engages on issues of policy and political debates. The different aspects are a depiction of social, economic facets through which the policy formulation is built on.

Contact Details:

Phone: 1-866-408-7669
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