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WNYC is a trademark and a series of call letters shared by two public, non-commercial radio stations in New York City, owned by New York Public Radio, a non-profit organization that operates as a WNYC RADIO until March 2013. WNYC AM 820 listen live streaming here and enjoy your favorite programs.

WNYC (AM) at 820 kHz and WNYC-FM transmission at 93.9 MHz. Both transmitters are members of the NPR and have local and national news/speech programs. Several hours of programming are transmitted at the same time, each station in the air appears for several hours. The WNYC reaches more than a million listeners every week and has the largest public radio listener in the United States.

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Some History

Funds for the construction of the station were approved by the New York Estimation and Distribution Board on 2 June 1922. WNYC made its first official publication two years later July 8, 1924, at 570 AM with a second-hand transmitter transported from Brazil. With the start of the WNYC business, New York was one of the first communities directly involved in direct transfer in the US. The studios and the transmitter were at the Municipal Building, Centre Street.

One of the oldest WNYC AM radio personality, HV Kaltenborn, who hosted the first WNYC test program for radios in 1926, the “Brooklyn Daily Eagle Current Events Competition,” the pioneer of programs like “National Public Radio’s Wait Wait… Don’t tell me!”. In the early years, it did not get the funds from recording library and borrowed albums from record shops in Manhattan City Hall, where its studios were located. According to legend, a listener began to give the station classic discs.

The Services Presented by Margaret Juntwait

Margaret Juntwait, the host and announcer of classical music at WNYC for 15 years, went to the Metropolitan Opera in September 2006. Before her death in 2015, Juntwait served as a spokesman for Met’s Saturday afternoons. The first woman to take the position and only the third regular broadcaster of long-running series of programs which was started in 1931.
WNYC presents hundred hours a week of its own nationally syndicated programs including On the Media, Studio 360, Radiolab and Selected Shorts as well as local news and talk shows such as Soundcheck and The Brian Teachers Show. The entire program is broadcast live over the Internet, and several programs are broadcast by Sirius and XM Satellite Radio. The station receives calls from listeners in remote countries and even has international listeners.

STUDIO 360 is the weekly public radio program about arts and culture offered by playwright Kurt Andersen. The primary purpose of the program is to “Get inside the creative mind” and to use art and culture as a lens to understand the world. The program was created by PRI, which focuses on media and cultural journalism in the media. The show is regularly interviewed by writers such as Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Lethem, and Miranda July, and various musicians such as Laura Veirs, Don Byron, and K. Lang also have several repetitive segments. The American Icons series tries to understand permanent American culture symbols such as “The Great Gatsby and Kind of Blue.” Moby Dick won the 2004 Peabody Award. WNYC and PR co-produced the show from 2000 to 2017, when WNYC was replaced by Slate.

WNYC AM 820 Listen


ON THE MEDIA (OTM) is a weekly radio program presented by Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone on journalism, technology, and First Amendment problems. It is fashioned by WNYC in New York City. The OTM will be broadcasted for the first time on Friday evening through the WNYC FM service and will be distributed to more than 400 other public radio stations across the country. The program is available through voice transmission, MP3 download, and podcast. The OTM also publishes a weekly bulletin with news from current and past projects and related links on the Web.

Radiolab is produced by WNYC, a public radio station in New York, broadcasted in the United States by public radio stations. The program is unionized nationally and is available as a podcast. For the first time in 2008, live shows were offered. The program, organized by JadAbumrad and Robert Krulwich, focuses on scientific and philosophical issues. The program aims at addressing broad and difficult issues such as “time” and “morality” in a comprehensible and light-manner and with a different sound production style.
WNYC was one of the first adopters of new technologies such as HD radio, live audio streaming, and podcasting. RSS feeds, and email newsletters are linked to archive audio of program sections.

WNYC and Sirius XM Satellite Radio

WNYC also offers part of the programming for the Sirius XM satellite radio. The 24/7 live broadcast of the channel is also available on the official website at https://www.wnyc.org/.