Classical FM 96.3 CFMZ


Classical FM 96.3 CFMZ is a Class C1 radio network based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its Branding name is The New Classical 96.3. The meaning of the Call letters is C F Moses Znaimer. First aired in 1988, it used to label the channel with callsign, CFMX-1, until 2008. Broadcasting on the FM dial, the station concentrates on a Classical Music format. This Canadian radio channel uses 96.3 MHz frequency. It is also available in the HD format. Zoomer Media (MZ Media Inc.) is responsible for running and managing the station.

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The studio of the Classical 96.3 is set on Jefferson Avenue in Liberty Village. Its transmitter is placed on the top of First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto. CFMX in Cobourg and CFMO in Collingwood is its sister channel. Both sister channels, along with Classical 96.3 itself, are commercial broadcasting networks. All these three stations air the programming in English.

Classical FM 96.3 CFMZ

Broadcasting History:

CFMX started broadcasting its first transmission in 1982. But the transmission could not be regular. Between 1976 and 1982, many times, it went in the air and went off. In 1988, CFMZ again signed on as a regular rebroadcaster of CFMX using the callsign CFMX-1. At first, Mississauga, the Canadian city, used to have the license to run it. Mississauga is also the original location of the transmitter. Moses Znaimer bought the network in September 2006. With the approval of CRTC in 2008, the Toronto rebroadcaster upgraded to a full-time station. This updated version aired with the callsign CFMZ. In 2010, Zoomer Media purchased it and became its owner.

Major Shows and Their Hosts:

Mike & Jean host the most listened show, Classical Mornings. Bill’s Classical Jukebox with Bill Anderson is also very famous on the station. The Oasis with Mark Wigmore and Nocturne with Marilyn Lightstone is among the most popular shows. Kathleen Kajioka, through A Little Night Music and Zero To 1800, attracts a million audiences. Destination Classics with Mike Duncan and Conductor’s Choice with Kerry Stratton are also eye-catching shows. Sunday Night at the Opera with Alexa Petrenko is one of the major Sunday shows.

Competitors of Classical FM 96.3 CFMZ:

CBC Music – CBOQ and CHFI Perfect Music Mix 98.10 are the competitor radio stations of Classical. The station also competes with CKIS KiSS 92.5 and CFXJ Flow 93.5. Along with them, CHAY Fresh Radio 93.10 and CHTZ HTZ 97.70 are also competitors.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: 70 Jefferson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Official Website:
Call Number: +1 416-367-5353
Email Id: