NDTV Profit India


NDTV Profit India was a business televised channel that broadcast all business-related news for the viewers launched in the year 2005 and discontinued in 2017. Having its origins in NDTV which was founded by a journalist that goes by the name of Radhika Roy, in 1988. NDTV stands for New Delhi Television Limited.

It does have a radio station as well which was launched in 2005 by New Delhi Television as well. There are a lot of radio presenters and journalists that cover the Bombay stock and exchange and the Indian international stock exchange, as well as all the business deals of major companies in India and abroad, which gain the companies a platform to showcase their profits, growth and net value.

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Formerly a very popular amongst all kinds of business professionals from all walks of life whether inside and outside India, people who have a particular interest in investments in stocks listed on Stock exchanges, Investors, Professionals, and people generally needing to keep up with what’s going on economically in their country.

NDTV Profit India

Meanwhile, NDTV profit radio station is an internet streaming radio transmission, which mainly unconventional compared to contemporary, traditional radio stations due to the fact it’s aired online on the internet.

A good alternative for all kinds of people from all walks of life, who do not prefer access to the tv at all times can visit the NDTV profit radio site and listen to all business-related news with a push of a button on the radio over the internet.

NDTV Profit India:

It was a significant contributor of news regarding markets, commodity prices and business as a whole all over India, had successfully gathered a massive chunk of the audience in the market which primarily consisted of business people. NDTV classically was one of the elite business news channels in all of India, they aired news in Hindi 24/7, all around the country and providing a range of latest business news such as Sensex news, stock news, nifty news and many more in India. Their headquarters located in Delhi and Mumbai only.
Historically one of the critical secrets was plenty of famous presenters whose people genuinely had a huge following base, therefore, trusted to be accurate and authentic.

Stockbrokers, business-oriented journalists, and all kinds of business experts come on NDTV Profit India to express their opinion on various subjects, on programs about the economy, business situation in India, and stock exchange situation. NDTV is offering all listeners a range of authentic and real views from highly experienced people, academics, and experts.

NDTV And Internet Radio

As internet radio has leaped forward and already challenging the conventional ones, Internet streaming radio has been the main point of focus for all the radio station companies. The millennials have turned towards internet streaming radio because of their most of the time is spent on over the internet, be it for working, passing the time, studying. The Internet has given easy access to everything at any time. While everyone around the world has easy access to the internet nowadays, they might prefer listening to the radio on their smartphones, all it takes is to open the site and listen to live news, music, and their favorite programs. With all of this being said, conventional radio still holds a significant part of the audience because of the attachment and comfortability of the older generation with traditional radio.

NDTV Profit India has been particularly famous amongst the stockbrokers, investors, government officials, and all other kinds of stakeholders, such people who primarily need up to date on the stock exchange and business ups and downs in India at all times. NDTV Profit radio channels coverall range of news regarding business locally and internationally on each different program. People have been listening to NDTV Profit radio as it’s well respected and regarded genuine.

NDTV Profit India has been famous amongst people for two decades now. With time, listening to NDTV radio has become more of a habit than a need for some and, meanwhile, Business people have faith in its press and presenters who broadcast the news on NDTV Profit radio. As of today, NDTV is the one with the most audience and most listened compared to contemporary.


It has been known for its podcasts, which have people glued to their phones and radios. People wait for the designated time of the podcast when their favorite NDTV podcast will be aired. They invite business people, business professionals, stock persons, Economic experts working in both government and private sectors and journalists who talk about their companies, changes in markets, ups and downs of the economy and their causes and general other vital things to all interested business owners and people interested in buying and selling shares.

People have been growing fonder of podcasts lately. Because of their ability to be listened to while doing anything, like you can be driving to work and back and listening to your favorite podcasts, which are informative as well. Or you could be doing housework and listening to your favorite podcast on their designated timings. Podcasts can provide a lot of more mobility, and they are only required to plug in-ear pods and enjoy while going with your daily routine which most ideal during travel to and from work, exercising, cleaning.

It is not at all as time-consuming compared to televised series or tv shows that would need you to watch it on some medium such as a laptop. Instead, you could play your favorite podcast without compromising the rest of the work throughout the day.

The same way, business people and executives, stockbrokers, people interested in economy and all the other interlinked people who might have to keep a check on the stock changes all the time, NDTV podcasts have made things a lot easier for them in today’s world.