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CJLV 1570 AM is a French-language radio station broadcasting from Laval, Quebec, near Montreal, Canada. The station broadcasts Oldies/Full-service format under the ownership of Radio Humsafar Inc. It broadcasts with the power of 10,000 watts as a class B station on a 1570 kHz frequency. It uses a directional antenna pointing east. The antenna has a slightly directional pattern during the day and a tighter pattern at night. Its purpose is to protect Class-A clear-channel station XERF AM in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.

The channel’s brand name is “La Radio de Vos Souvenirs.” Besides this, AM stations transmit news, entertainment, local stories, interviews, information, inspirational programs, and old hit music. It airs 24 hours broadcasting on the official website through live streaming worldwide.

History of CJLV 1570 AM

CRTC approved the station to operate a new commercial French-language AM radio channel on July 2, 2003, in Laval by Gilles Lajoie and Colette Chabot. When it opened on March 9, 2004, it played a mix of adult standards and oldies. In July 2010, AM station focused more on oldies songs from the 1960s, ’70s, and early ’80s. Formerly, it presented itself as Radio Nostalgie. Later it moved to Radio Boomer AM 1570.

Radio CJLV 1570 AM

Radio Humsafar Inc. bought the channel in July 2010 and shit to a more traditional oldies format. After that, it rebranded itself as La Radio de Vos Souvenirs. Its new owner, Mr. Jasvir Singh Sandhu, announced that the radio would be reopened on July 24, 2010, with a new call sign CJLV. The channel changed its branding to AM 1570 in 2013 and added the La Radio de Vos Souvenirs tagline. In addition, it expanded its format to full service with sports and news updates.

Contact Details

Address: 7655 Cordner Street, Lasalle, QC, H8N 2X2
Phone: (514) 368 2222
Email: info@1570.ca
Official Website: http://www.1570.ca/

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