Power 98


Power 98 is an English Language Radio station based in Singapore. It is one of the private radio channels in Singapore that is not owned by MediaCorp (a state-owned media company). Power 98 is owned by So Dara! Entertainment. Most of its content is Entertainment leaning, from songs to talk shows, yet it also donates a portion of its time to News and current affairs.

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The station had a pretty smooth history until 2012 when it underwent its first major revamp in 18 years. The restructuring includes changing its slogan from “Hit Music and More” to “Hear the Difference.” The revamp also gave the channel its new website and a couple of new DJs.

Famous Programs of Power 98 FM:

It has a long and busy schedule throughout the week. All seven days of the week are stuffed and stacked with musical programs. The list for its Week and Weekend programs is given below.

Power 98 Love Songs FM

Week Days:
6 am-9 am The Power Breakfast Show with Mister Young and Jacqui
9 am-12 pm: Power Up with Carmen and Joanna
12 pm-3 pm: Midday Mayhem with Kim and Colin
5 pm-8 pm: Power Steering with JK and Mike
9 pm-12 am: Up All Night with Dee Kosh

Weekend Days:
6 am-9 am: Sunday morning with Darren Wee
9 am-10 am: Backstage Pass with MDC
10 am-2 pm: Hanging out with HanLi
2 pm-6 pm: Sunday Afternoon with Adora Sarah
6 pm-10 pm: Sunday Evening with Jeremy Ratnam, with Top 9@9 Love Songs

Major Competitors:

The channel is currently the most tuned-in radio channel in Singapore. The reason behind its popularity that it offers its content in the English language.

Famous Presenters:

Since its revamp, power 98 scrapped many of its DJs and replaced them with very talented ones.
Mister Young
Mike Tan
Jacqui Thibodueax
Carmen Ang
Kimberly Anne Tan
Colin Tan
Joanna François
Dee Kosh

Capital 95.8 FM

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Bukit Merah Central, P.O. Box 1315, Singapore 911599
Phone Number: +65 6691 1980
Office Number: +65 6691 1980
Fax Number: +65 6691 1980
Email: feedback98@power98.com.sg
Official Website: http://www.power98.com.sg/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Power98
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Power98SG/