Mix FM 106.4

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Mix FM 106.4 is an entertainment radio broadcasting network. It airs its programming from Birmingham. Birmingham is a state of England, the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, this station airs its broadcasting on FM brand consuming 106.4 frequency. It is a weekend station that has its own unique features.

History of Mix FM 106.4

Its journey dates back to 1992 when the Hardcore network stopped airing its format. The very first time this Mix aired using 106.3 frequency on FM brand. It had scheduled on weekends covering the East Midlands and its surrounding areas. It changed its frequency many times, like in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2013. This shift records the following frequencies 106.5, 107.7, 99.2, and 106.4, respectively. From 2013 till today, it comes on airwaves with 106.4.

Mix FM 106.4


It is named Mix because it broadcasts a range of various and mixes entertaining programs. These programs include Reggae Music, Dance, Pop, House, and Hip-Hop. So, generally, its format is Music and Dance.


The DJs of the radio are very committed and dedicated to hosting fun shows worldwide. The most famous DJ that is attached to this network is Billy. Cliff Rock, Pete, and Poster are also run the shows through this platform.


This FM radio slogan is, “We take you back to where it all began.” It implies that its format links the audience with the past. It aims to connect its listeners with traditional music. It also entertains them with trendy songs.

Contact Details

Address: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Telephone: 07928 658731
Official Website: http://www.mixfm.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mixfm1064/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/mix1064birmingham/

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